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Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

Hello and welcome to Below I have reviewed a new penny stock newsletter,Golden Penny Stock Millionaires

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires (GPSM) is a subscription based penny stock newsletter, offering weekly penny stock alerts to its paid members. GPSM is currently offering 3 free penny stock picks for interested parties.


  • Weekly researched penny stock alerts
  • Timely alerts allowing sufficient time to enter the stock
  • Specific Enter and Exit points
  • One on one e-mail support
  • IPO Alerts
  • It's only $15.00 bucks... you almost have to try it just cause its a good deal...
  • 60 day money back guarantee. If it doesn't workout get your money back.. I like that.
  • A well done youtube video explaining everything you need to know
  • Four 4 free Tutorial video's. This is a nice perk, especially for new investors. the video's cover how to open your 1st brokerage account, how to trade penny stocks, what not to do, and more...
  • Weekly updates with charts of current penny stock picks. This is nice, because it allows you to see what is really going on with the pick.
  • GPSM is NOT paid to promote any stocks. This is very important anybody that is paid to promote stocks has a serious conflict of interest. So this is good to see that GPSM is doing it the right way. Good Ole Fashion Hard Work!!!
  • Let's face it, its new and has not been vetted yet.
  • Salesy web page.
  • Has you believing you will be buying the car of your dreams, diamond rings, and huge houses in no time...
  • No live chat room of Twitter feed yet..
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How GPSM operates

GPSM operates on a simple concepts, finding oversold stocks ready to bounce, exploit reverse mergers, and following trendy topics.


Although GPSM is a new penny stock newsletter, I think it offers value for its low price of $15.00. William the owner of GPSM appears highly motivated and ready to build an honest business. I have seen several penny stock newsletters and this one has the fundmentals correct, has a very attractive rate of just $15.00 bucks, and will give you all the perks the expensive penny stock newsletters provide.

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Disclaimer - Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Penny stocks are very risky and can leave you with nothing if you are not careful. Subscribing to a penny stock newsletter should only serve as a tool for you. You should still research the recommended penny stocks provided by GPSM.